Friday, November 22, 2013

Trip to Yummy Inc

So this will be the last post from Yummy Inc till after the holidays. The holiday brings allot of joy and most people are crazy busy. Anyways I'm reviewing the last couple of store over at the Yummy mall. First up is MORPHart! Morphs are pretty cool in general, they take a SL picture an overlay it on a RL pictures. If you are interested in getting a morph done, MORPHart has really good prices for them, and their pics are great.

Are you a DJ in need of a stream? Well HostCrate has you covered! They pride them selves on "Real Quality Real Support Real Affordable" Honestly I have no idea about streams as I've never DJ'd in SL, however if you are looking for a stream please do check them out! They event have some items for sale for clubs.

So let me give you a taxi over to Yummy Inc

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