Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm gonna pop some tags...

Hey boys and girls...Here we are on our new page and hoping to get this up and running. So I'm back with another event from Depraved Nation! Well its Thrift Shop 3.0, this is it's third time around hence the 3.0. So anyone that hasn't been to it before let me tell you how it works...  Designers are asked to set their older items at 50% off main store prices, they also put up two exclusive items just for the event! The event is filled with lots of goodness and a number of gachas for your pleasure. Anyways enough about that...

So the first item I"m featuring are the wrist cuffs and the necklace. The bottle capped necklace is probably made for chicks in mind however there are a couple that dudes can wear. Either way everyone should check them out, they are well done and were very easy to fit! On to the wrist cuffs... First off let me start by giving a shout out to the designer Madison of Wicked Night, she had sent out her blogger pack with the rare set of pink cuffs. After I saw them I knew I wanted to blog them, however pink isn't totally my style. Madison was nice enough to take the time to send me the Nightmare pair (also a rare) however only after making a joke about the pinks ones first. So thanks a bunch Madison!!!

So lets talk about my hat! Only available right now at the Men's Dept till the end of the month. Remarkable Oblivion has done it again! Remarkable Oblivion is one of my favorite stores in SL and they never stop amazing me with their stuff. This hat comes in 5 different colors, its even in pink for all the ladies. There is also an optional nose chain, however I didn't reflect this in my pictures. If I ever had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of  my SL life, this hat would sit on my head forever! 

Hats - RO - Paragon Cap @ Men's Dept 
Necklace - !TLB - Bottlecap Necklace/Cute Death @ Thrift Shop (Gacha)
Wrist Cuffs - WickedNight - Fisty Cuffs (Nightmare)  @ Thrift Shop (Rare Gacha)
Boots - Razor/// Enforcer Boots - @ Razor
Jeans - RONSEM* Straight Jeans @ Ronsem
Jacket - [R3] - Aaron Jacket [V3] @ R3VOLT
Goatee - Unorthodox Born Sinner Goatee @ Unorthodox
Eyes - bestia eyes: albino tiger: @ Adoness
Poses - Juxtapose - Resolute Pack @ Thrift Shop

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