Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Fallen

Back today with another item from !nfinity. This one is one of their older items and will be available over at their main store. The Disturbia piercings have a number of options through the HUD. You are able to choose 4 different colors as well as different straps. I have shown you two of the colors above. 

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Get a taxi to their main store @ !nfinity or hit up the MP

Picture taken @ Whole Wheat by House of tea!

Armour: Warrior Armour @ Body Factory 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rock to wonderland

Men's only monthly just started and !nfinity has a great bracelet for sale. Paired with the HUD your able to have anything engraved without having to wait for the creator to do it! 

You can even have a few symbols to choose from, it comes in three sizes and gold or silver.

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Bracelet: Letter Chain Bracelet by !nfinity @ MOM
Shirt: Deux Top (Paris) by Aitui @ MOM

Picture taken @ Whole Wheat

Friday, July 21, 2017

Into the ring

Hipster Men's Event has been open a few days now. CDC Creation's brings you another great combo pack! This beard comes show above with the cuts built into the applier. There is also a hair base included in the pack too (not shown)

Men's Fashion from Second Life

TP to Hipster Event it will be for sale in the middle row!

Beard & Cuts: 5 Scar- Beard @ Hipster Event
Necklace: Orion Necklace by Kunst @ Kustom 9

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Once Bitten

The Men's Zone starts tomorrow and CDC Creation's is bring you this combo. The beard, the bites and the hair base all come together in this great package! Come with the easy Catwa applier, the Signature applier and the omega applier all on one HUD.

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Get your taxi for the TMZ it opens tomorrow 7/10/17