Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's Cause Some Trouble...

 Sugar came out some new pants this week! The Industrial Pants come in a bunch of colors, and fit great into most pairs of boots. There is some great texture on these pants. AND according to my wife to say they make my ass look great!

Twizted & Reckless is at it again with some new piercings! The facial piercing called "tears Fall" is available at their main store. The stomach dermal will only be available at thrift shop, it's his exclusives item for the event! Any batman fan need to get this dermal!

Another item from the thrift shop this round is this tattoo from GrungInk. "Fly With Me" is their unisex item for this round of thrift shop. It come with many option to wear, sleeves, no wings, or just the upper only. It also comes with slink, and phat ass appliers.

Pants - SUGAR for Men - Industrial Pants @ Sugar
Tattoo - GrungeInk - Fly With Me @ Thrift Shop
Stomach Dermal - Twizted & Reckless -Batman Body Piercing Thrift Shop
Facial Piercings - Twizted & Reckless -tears Fall @ Main Store

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Into This World We're Thrown...

For those of you who didn't know Zero has started down the path of making men's clothes. This is Zero's first release for the male bloggers! Called "Morrison Leathers" and baby do they light my fire! Ha Ha I made a funny... Ok maybe not so much but anyways back to the pants. Two colors were given to me to review a brown and black pair, course I'm choosing to review the black pair. 

As you can see below there is a few options with the pants through a HUD system. Now the boots I have on are build right into the pants mesh, however can be turned off if you wish. You also have a couple of options for the belt as well.

You can find Zero on MP. Be sure to check them out there will be lots more from Zero, and if her men's line is anything like her woman's. You will not be sorry!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are You Ready For...

So my friend over at Twizted & Reckless has come out with some new piercings. The lips & nose chains as seen above, required a little adjusting. However was easy enough to do with the resize script and a simple edit of moving them down. I love them due to the chain reminding me of a mustache!

As well as coming out with new piercings Twizted has changed his shop up a bit. He has now partnered with his wife to offer woman's piercings too! Jokester piercing seen above was a very easy fit! Give anyone that full metal smile! I should insert some joker line here but I will save you all from that!

So if you haven't been over to Twizted & Reckless before then its time to get there. Or if been awhile then be sure to check out his new stuff there is allot! Also He offers a prize for the Jack or Jill hunt there so be sure to search for it, you can preview it from a post I did a couple days ago.