Thursday, September 21, 2017


MOM has opened and !NFINITY has brought you another great necklace. Mjollnir necklace come with a hud for a number of different combos to wear. Three different ropes as well as three different metals. 

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Necklace: Mjollnir Necklace by !NFINITY @ MOM
Hood: Cover the eyes hood by GILD @ We <3 RP

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

To the Boats

Folflorica has released a new viking outfit over at their main store. It comes in a number of colors to choose from. I'm showing you the Tokhtar the Grey above. The belt comes with a few options of what side you want to wear the ax on or no ax at all. All version of the belt are unscripted. 

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Outfit including the belt: Tokhtar the Grey @ Folklorica
Beard: Big Mesh Beard @ DOUX
Hair: Ragnar Hair @ Mirror

Saturday, September 16, 2017

After Midnight

Three event opened this week for us guys. At TMZ you can pick up this new beard released by CDC Creation's, gives you that jawline with a bit of a shaggy cheek. The Hipster event also opened this week and !NFINITY brings you a new ring set for you and your lover. The heart and key ring set are transfer to give that special someone the key to your heart. (See below for the close up)

Man Cave also opened up yesterday and everyone is going crazy over these "wood" sweatpants. There are three version that come with the purchase. The "normal" sweat pant (shown above), the boner, and the auto boner has just been added! The unicorn shown above is part of the fat pack bundle.

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Beard: Beard 96 by CDC Creation's @ TMZ
Rings: Forever Love Rings by !NFINITY @ Hipster Event
Sweatpants: Wood by Mossu @ Man Cave
Tattoo: Spook Tattoo by Speakeasy @ Man Cave
Hair: Slicked back hair by Deadwool @ Man Cave

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Once Bitten

The darkness event opens today. CDC Creation has a new goodie for you at the event! This combo includes beard, scars, eyebrows and the blood on the face.

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Beard Combo: Combo 6 by CDC Creation's @ Darkness Event
Suit: Chain lock Tux by Gabriel @ Shiny Shabby

Big thanks to Becca for helping me out with this pictures