Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Anytime She Goes Away...

So another post from Thrift Shop, this time coming from Zentro. This amazing tattoo is a few of the tats you can pick up from them over at Thrift Shop. Clockwork Tattoo is what its called, and its very fitting to its name. The colors are great in this tattoo, along with some really clean lines!

The dermals are from Twisted and Reckless, also available at Thrift Shop. These required no adjust for me on my avie, which is always nice when you just unpack and wear! The last item to complete this look from this round of Thrift Shop are the Statement cuffs by Intrepid. These cuffs come with the metal studs or just plains bands, personally I like the studded ones better.

All these items are over at Thrift Shop

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