Friday, January 31, 2014

She'll Eat Your Heart Out...

Jack and Jill went up the hill....

Of course I can't remember the rest of the saying but what I do know is that The Jack or Jill hunt starts tonight! So what that means for all of you is some epic freebies, all you have to do is go find them! Now the great thing about this hunt is there is stuff for both boys and girls hence the name. Anyways on to the prizes...

So lets talk a bit about the boxers I'm showing you. They can be found at {Witches & Rats} made with lil hearts on them just in time for V-Day. Now you can't really see this in the picture, however any boy wearing them will show their loved one just how excited you are to see them...

The Hipster Bracelet can be found [ZOOM] a simple bracelet, but very well done. It only comes in brown though, I was a sad panda that there wasn't a black option. However it was free so I will shut up now.

Last but not least the facial hair I'm wearing is the last hunt item I'm showing you today. This can be found at  . : VyC : . once the hunt starts tonight. Now before today I'd never heard of this store before, but I love this beard. I will be making my way over there very soon!

So go get your hunting hat on, as this hunt starts tonight at midnight! You can start your quest @ Razor.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Smoke Two Joints In The Morning...

There is a ton of things going on in SL right now... One of those is the Project Limited Event put on by Depraved Nation. Now the idea of this event is pretty simple, a bunch of designers selling stuff with a limited about, now most item number range from 50-250 items for sale. Now the designers have been updating their stalls as things sell out, so even if you have been over there go check it out again! One of the items added are these classic sneakers....The Pump! Go back to your youth with these limited sneaker for sale by D I R V A L, make sure to get them before their gone there is only 150 there...

This month's Men Dept offer something for all the stoners out there! The Juicy Joint come with lots of options, from color papers, smoke rings, and the animation to light up is great! If blunts are more your style then check out their blunts too! Made by NikotiN, get it while you can at the dept before it over as the price will go up tons once it hits the main store! 

Last but not least the Hipster Fair is still in full swing. There you can get this beanie from NoName, which comes in four different colors. NoName's Men's collection is really starting to come along if you haven't before now is the time to do it!

Finally I have started receiving blogger packs for the Jack or Jill Hunt, this will be starting Feb 7th and go all month long! Here is the first preview of this event, starting with two items. The tattoo is from GrungeInk, course the skulls were right up my ally. Twisted & Reckless is offering a great piercing during the hunt! Make sure to check them out when you can...

What Jacob is wearing...
Facial Hair - 5 O'CLOCK @ HERMONY (Gift for 1L)
Shoes - Sneakers_PUMP (Classic) @  [ D I R V A L ] @ Project Limited
Joint - Joint_Juicy @ [NikotiN] @ Men's Dept
Shorts - Alex Bermuda @ [NoName]
Hat - Hipster Beanie - Red @ [NoName] @ Hipster Fair

This will be available @ The Jack or Jill Hunt Febuary 7 – 28, 2014
Tattoo - Evil Within (Faded) 3 @ GrungeInk
Piercings - Loopy @ Twisted & Reckless

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We All Want The Same Thing...

This past week the NoName released some new items for the males in SL. First let me talk about these jeans, called "Cody Jeans" as seen in the picture as the grey pair. However comes in a couple other colors, including black and blue. You can't see this in the picture but the jeans all come with a belt too. 

The other item from NoName is this military type jacket. This jacket is called "Zach Coat" and it has so many options. First off there is a number of jacket colors available, you also have the ability to turn off the undershirt and just have the jacket. While speaking about the undershirt there is 5 different colors to choose from. NoName also sells this same jacket with a formal shirt and tie under, if you want a more formal look. 

These items can be found @ The Hipster Fair
On NoName's MP here

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Will Always Be Mine...

Sugar release a new set of men's pants this week. I will tell you they come in a shit ton of colors. Of Course I'm featuring the black pair but there are even a number of camo colors. Even purple camo is your feeling that, I would totally rock those! 

Now as well as the colors option there is also other options. The boots, pants, and belt are all part of the pack, however they are all separate so you can mix and match them with other outfits or color packs. 

Pants & Boots - Military @ SUGAR  NEW!!
Hair - Traveler @ Exile NEW!!
Facial Hair - 5 O'CLOCK @ HERMONY ( Gift for 1L )
Tattoo - Into Darkness @ Identity
Guns - D1&MTG @ Delta One

Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's To Late To Go Back...

Razor released this fantastic jacket last week. He was nice enough to give out a copy to the Depraved Bloggers! Seen in the photo above, the back of the jacket laces up and has a small opening at the bottom. Complete with a hoodie for those cold nights in SL. 

The Jacket currently is only available in black and grey. The wrist have a number of straps on them going up the arm. Now this jacket was only available at the Men's Dept till the other day and you can also find it at the Project Limited Event put on by Depraved Nation. However the Project Limited just opened so its a bitch to get in right now.

Here is the taxi to Men's Dept 
Here is the taxi to Project Limited

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Give Me Your Love...

I thought it would be fun for Jess and I to do a post together, we really don't do that much. So when she logged on today, I was like "woman we be taking pictures together". I kid I kid I asked her nicely, and she was happy to do so....We bring you some epic chaps today from one of our sponsors! Sugar just released these today for their bloggers! Now the males version come with the option to wear jean or no jeans in case you want to let it all hang loose! 

The woman's version has a nice lil "sexy" stamp on the back side of the chaps as seen above. The first picture above, the poses are built into the bike. However I don't remember where I got this bike from, with over 30k items in my inventory its hard to keep track. I'm sure if you search for it you can find it, the bikes is called "CCC Panhead Loaded 2".  The pose from the second picture is not part of the bike, however it can be bought @ StarShine Poses, its called "Dat Ass" Check out StarShine in world or on MP.

What Jess is Wearing
Pants - Womens Chaps  @ Sugar
Boots - Combat Boot (from look 7 outfit) @ EVALE 
Shirt - Nipple Tapes - OG-X - DARK @ [ ZerO ]

What Jacob is Wearing
Pants - Mens Buckled Chaps W/Jeans @ Sugar
Hair - *Dura-Boy*30 @ Dura
Facial Piercings - Broken Reflection Mesh Piercing @ HOD (Group Gift)
Boots - 01 Biker Boots @ Redgrave
Facial Hair - Born Sinner Goatee @ Unorthodox

It been awhile since I posted some music...Here you go from SOA if you haven't watch this past season beware!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Every Day I'm Hustling...

So I promised you more from NoName and here it is...Their shorts called "Alex Bermuda" and they are a low rise baggy with boxers built in! These shorts are really great. They come with a HUD that gives you a ton of options. You can choose from 5 different short colors, 10 different boxer colors, 8 different belt buckles, and 12 different belt colors. Like OMG options!

Then this is my final post about the Frost Event which closes tomorrow. =( So make sure to get over there for some final shopping! So I bring you this piercing from HollyWeird... The HUD gives you 4 different color options to change the texture. I did have to do some adjusting to this piercing to make it fit my face, however I usually have to do this with most piercings. 

Taxi to Frost
Taxi to NoName

Friday, January 3, 2014

Let It All Fall Down...

The Igloo was part of a blogger pack from Image Essentials from the Frost Event. There is a number of poses inside for both male and female. There are a couple that are clearly made for the women. It had a snow maker that sit over the igloo, and will make any place into a winter wonder land. The Frost Event is coming to a close on Sunday so make sure to get over there!

The hoodie I'm wearing in the picture is from a new sponsor of mine NoName. I received like 8 different colors in my blogger pack. I love the style of this hoodie! It reminds me of this old school hoodie from Adidas back in the day.  There is nice clean lines on the textures placed on the mesh. You will be seeing more from NoName in the future...

Tp to the Frost Event here.
Tp to NoName here.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I touch myself...

Today's feature is all about this new mesh tattoo from Identity! This is their exclusive for the Frost Event, for just 220L it can be yours. There is a number of options to wear this tattoo, the picture above show the mesh version of it. Which is very nice as you can show off your ink with it only being on one arm, all tattoo layers currently will overlay the tattoo on both arms. Now there is this option in the pack if you wish to wear it that way. There is also a male and female version of this tattoo, allowing anyone to wear the mesh layer. 

Frost end this Sunday so make sure to get over there. Here is the taxi to it Frost!