Sunday, December 10, 2017


CDC Creation's has a new beard coming to The Men Jail. Beard 125 is a tintable beard that comes with an easy applier for Catwa, Signature and omega. You  can get it over at the event when it opens.

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Beard: Beard 125 by CDC Creation's @ The Men Jail 
Jacket: Mike Bomber Jacket by Ascend @ Fameshed

Thursday, December 7, 2017

From the Past

Today I'm showing you another item from Wild Roots that is available over at The Darkness Event. Ghost of Xmax Past is another great tattoo from Wild Roots. As always it come with the easy applier for your mesh bodies as well as the omega applier. 

 Today I also have this combo pack that new from CDC Creation's which is available over at the mainstore. This is a tintable item and comes with scar, eye brows, beard and the hair base. 

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Tattoo: Ghost of Xmas Past by Wild Roots @ The Darkness Event
Head Combo: Combo 07 @ CDC Creation's 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Future

The Darkness Event has opened and Wild Roots is bringing you some new ink! Ghost of Xmas Future is here show you what you may in store for. There are three tattoos over at the event, the one shown is Future and I will have more to come tomorrow. As always Wild Roots comes with the applier HUD

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Tattoo: Ghost of Xmas Future by Wild Roots @ The Darkness Event
Briefs: Sporty Brief  by DuFaux ( this was at Man Cave by maybe at main store) 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


MOM opened last week and now is a good time to go if you haven't already. The traffic has died down a bit and you can easily get into the sim. !nfinity is there with another great necklace. The tag pendant necklace comes in two version "Love" & "Kinky".  Both have a silver and gold version as well as a HUD to change what is on the tag. I'm showing the "Love" version below.

Necklace: Tag Pendant Necklace by !nfinity @ MOM

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Where's the beer?

There is a number of event going on right now and I have a preview of a couple things you can get over at the Hipster men's event. !infinity has this great beer necklace. It comes in two different colors (Silver & Gold) as well as a HUD that allows you to change the beer texture.

Also at the hipster event CDC Creation's has a new beard. Beard 118  which is tintable and comes with the easy appliers. 

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Necklace: Beer Necklace by !nfinity @ Hipster Men's Event
Beard: Beard 118 by CDC Creation's @ Hipster Men's Event
Jacket: Single-breasted coat by Gabriel @ TMD

Saturday, October 21, 2017

We know where you live

The Bodyfy Event is only around for another few days and I'm showing you one more item from the event. PMS Has this great face tattoo for sale over at the event. Of course the easy applier hud makes it easy to change on the go!

!nfinity has this great necklace over at MOM, which just opened today. You are able to put your own picture in the locket. Keeping your loved ones close to my wicked heart at all times. 

Mens Fashion from Second Life

Face Tattoo: Zombie Tattoo by PMS @ BodyFy (closes the 24th)
(Note I'm wearing the female version of this as I liked the red lips. It reminded me of bloody lips, the male version has pale lips)
Necklace: Mememto Necklace by !nfinity @ MOM
Overalls: Baggy Pants by Gild @ Hipster Event
Bike: Motorcycle (rare) by Consignment @ Epiphany

Friday, October 20, 2017

Look into your future

Season of the Witch opened a few days go, and there are some spooky gems over there. !NFINITY's item is the crystal ball shown above. You can change the base through a HUD and there is two options of a hold or rez item when purchased. 

Men's Fashion from Second Life

Crystal Ball: MQ Crystal Orb by !nfinity @ Season of the Witch
Shirt/Jacket: Long Jacket & Open Shirt (blood) by Gabriel @ Epiphany (gatcha)