Friday, April 29, 2016

STRENGTH & Softness

Hello people! This is the last post from the 100 Block Event as its closing tomorrow. So if you haven't been over there yet you better get moving. Today's post is from PMS, if you haven't seen them before they do amazing tattoos. First up is the tattoo named "Caught"
Next I'm showing the other tattoo sent to me named "Circles" I'm wearing the medium shade is both pictures. Both came with appliers for TMP and the Omega, so they can be worn on most bodies and all slink hands.

Both poses are from Image Essentials which can be found over at 100 block too. The first pictures pose is Body Line M9, then the second pose from another pack Body Line M2. 

You taxi to 100 Block here! Get over there now before you miss out.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mix n Match

Today we are back from the 100 Block. Today's feature is from American Bazaar which can be bought at the event. Budapest Tee comes in a number of colors with White being shown above. The Lucas jean also come in many colors, I'm showing the indigo pair. Get over to 100 Block and pick up your favs.

The pose is another Image Essentials from the Body Line pack. This one is called M3 and there is also a mirror to it as well. The pose pack is also from the 100 Block events.

You have till the 30th before the event closes. So here your taxi to 100 Block!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

All Hail...

Are you a fan of the show Vikings? Well I am! Anyways today I bring you this bracelet called "Bjorn Bracelet" There are a number of options it can be worn on either hand or both. You can also just wear one bracelet instead of two! The maker Oxide gives the metal textures so that you can engrave it yourself. 

I promised you more from Image Essentials and here they are! The top two poses are from their "Body Line" set. Nice clean poses for all of your pose needs! 

Both of these are avaible only @ 100 Block!

Pictures taken @ Beaumont Grove

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Go Pats!

The NFL draft is coming up next week.... So Lidzz is making some new hats so you can supports your favorites teams! Lidzz is a sub store from High Impact. The hat will be available tomorrow @ their main store. 
Get your taxi to High Impact

Hat: Lidzz New England Patriots Hat @ High Impact
Pose: Built into my bed called [Con.] Stepside Bed - Black @ Consignment

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lobstah Boats...

Urban Street is featured today with this tattoo. You can pick this tattoo up over @ the 100 Block. They also have a few others up for sale over there! There is a number of appliers that come with the tattoo so fit all your mesh body parts! There is also three different tones you can wear light, medium and dark.

 Today I'm also featuring a couple of poses from the lovely Kay Weston owner of Image Essentials. Both of the poses shown above are from Image Essentials, they are from the "Relaxed" pack. It was nice because they also come with mirrors of the poses. I will have more from them later this week!

Taxi to 100 Block right HERE

I also like to thank Gio the owner of Lidzz for giving me this Sox hat. It was a huge part of how I staged these pictures. Head over there for many more hats from your favorite teams!

Pictures taken Beaumont Grove

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Back seat of the car...

Back today with another 100 block item. This scene is brought you by Come Soon Pose, the one in the picture is called caring. I was given two options to blog with, either the full scene or just the pose. As you can see I have chosen to do the full scene. I want to give a special thank you to Bex for taking the time to do the picture with me.

Head over to 100 Block and visit Come Soon Pose for this scene or many other poses they have to offer!

Get your taxi HERE remember the 100 block end April 30th 

Bex if you see this blame Tea for the name of the post!

Sand In My Shorts

From my post yesterday....I've become an official blogger for High Impact! So today i'm giving you a chance to see High Impact's free items that is available in the Men's Only Hunt. The mesh cargo shorts shown in the picture above can be yours well for free!  The Men's Only Hunt starts today and will run through till April 30th!

Head over to the main store @ High Impact and get your shorts

Friday, April 15, 2016

Till Death!

Sorry for the long delay between post but I've been a bit busy in RL However today I bring you items from the 100 Block which is currently open! Today's feature is the Shorts and Hat made by High Impact! The shorts come with a couple options. You can wear them with a belt or no belt, I should also mention that the belt is loose and undone. This hat also made by High Impact was a quick and easy fit with the resizer. 

Last up is the pose created by Glamrus which is also found at the 100 Block!

Catch a taxi over to the event @ 100 Block 
I will have much more to come over the next couple of day from the event so check back!

Friday, April 8, 2016

On with the Endless Pain...

I'm back and ready to share with you some items from the 100 block!!!

This event opens tomorrow April 9th.

First up is an amazing tattoo by Endless Pain Tattoos.

There are so many options! If you prefer black and white or a color option this has you covered!

Here is both options with a full neck tattoo included. 

Here I've shown and option with a 1/2 neck tattoo.

Also this tattoo comes with a number of appliers!

Included are Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Physique, Catwa, TMP, and Slink for the hands!

For a bonus I also got a tattoo that doesn't include a neck tat. For those days that you still like wearing your ink but can't show it!

The pics under this will show you what the tattoo looks from the side.

Remember the 100 Block opens tomorrow, so only 1 more day!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

100 Block is coming.....

In just a few days this event will be opening! I've already got a few of the blogger packs and they are amazing! I'm excited to see what all the designers have up their sleeves! In my next post I will post the TP to the event as its not even open yet. This will run April 9th through the April 30th so stay tuned for more info!