Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jingle all the way...

I was blessed to receive two new sponsors this week! First one was Remarkable Oblivion, which I was so excited for as it is one of my favorite stores in SL. The Mistletoe Hat seen above will be available at the Arcade Gatcha Event starting on December 1st. This hat is one of two rare hat in their gatcha, I will have a preview of the other rare soon. It's a great hat to wear around those special  people in your life to have a reason to sneak in those kisses. Oh and when you walk around SL you can share jingling bells with everyone around you. This hat plays the sound anytime you walk, this can be shut off before someone tries to kill you!!

The second sponsor was Sugar, who makes both men's and women's clothes.My jacket above is their first item up for review and it's great. The jacket comes in a few different colors, including red, black and khaki. Each jacket color has a different color shirt and tie, you will be able to find one to match any needs. Jesica is also wearing an item from Sugar. I can tell you one thing about the dress, its very sexy.

Jesica is wearing
Dress - Avida Tube Dress @ Sugar

Jacob is wearing
Hat - Mistletoe Hat (RARE) @ Arcade Gatcha (Opens on Dec 1st)
Jacket - Pea Coat Red @ Sugar

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