Sunday, December 29, 2013

Take What Is Yours...

Today I bring a very nice beanie from AlterEgo. Made with a knit texture and colors with a color hud allowing you to change to any color needed. The beanie come mod allowing you to resize and shape it on your own. The hat doesn't come with hair, I'm currently wearing my Drot hair that I modded to fit under the beanie.

My other piece I'm showing you today is this pea coat from Grumble. I love this because of the lil black skulls on the jacket! There is even some iron crosses mixed into the skulls. Excellent job on the textures in this coat!

Both of these items are over @ Frost Event till Jan 5th

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm Not A Slave To A World...

First off I bring you these great flamed boots from Grumbles. They have a rust red colored base, with some greenish flames. These are available at the Frost event right now! I will have more from Grumbles this weekend from Frost so be sure to check back.

Next up I have some epic eyes from one of our sponsors called "Opalescenza) these happen to be the frost color. I paired them up with some piercings from Cute Poison called "frosted piercings". I did have to do some minor adjusting on these, just pulling them outta my head mostly then moving the nose piercing down slightly. The piercing you see above is all in one piece! Lastly I bring you some blood from Pulp Fiction, currently I"m wearing the on without vomit but it nice to know you have that option :::chuckles:::

All of these items are currently over at the Frost Event which goes till Jan 5th. Do dust off from those holidays and get your ass over there!!! Taxi is right here

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Bite My Tongue Cause I Want To Scream...

Once again back from the Frost Event! My first two item are from one of the sponsor to our page Adoness... Now I first found about Adoness back in the Body Mod Event, when I receive a blogger pack of hair and eyes. The eyes I haven't stopped wearing since and they have become my staple in eye wear. Well Adoness is back in full force for the Frost Event. The picture above will show you the eyes I'm wearing are called "Weed", bright green in color and fully mesh or non-mesh if you prefer. The eyes are available @ Adoness. My hair is also from Adoness called "Toxis" and I"m wearing pitch black but it comes in a whole rainbow of colors! Which you can pick up @ Frost!

My piercings put out @ Frost Event by Twisted & Reckless! First it is all in one piece, and took lil adjusting to fit my face. I mostly just had to move it closer to my face. I love things that are easily adjusted!

Now on to some pants...Leather pants at that! Made by Wasabi and called "Kaithleen's for Him" and they are a great fit! I received seven different colors in my blogger pack, with a number of both cold and warm colors. As seen above there is a lil skull on the upper thigh, and the belt buckle says "Free". The other thing I loved about these pants is they sit pretty low, personally I like that in pants. 

Now everything but the eyes can be your by hitting up the Frost Event!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer...

Here is a look at one of the gatcha item @ the Frost event inside the Image Essentials booth. Now this is only a preview of some great sweatshirt, there are a few others available! The photo above will show you a few of the commons you can score at Frost for only 50L per play

These pictures are of the rares that you get can get inside this gatcha! Now let me give you a quick explanation of how Kay Weston (CEO of Image Essentials) does her gatchas. All items inside the machine are a size medium, now don't fret is you need another size all you have to do it drop a card on Kay. She will switch out your item for any size you need!

I would like to give a special thanks to Kay Weston who passed me these sweatshirt! They were not part of her blogger packs. Thanks a bunch Kay! Also if you didn't know Image Essentials also has a great sim that you can take pictures on. Alot of my pics for my post have been taken there, you can check it out here.

These are all @ Frost Event get your taxi here

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ring Ding Ding

Today my post is about two items from Geek, and both are available @ Frost! Have you ever been told your heartless or have a black heart? Well now you can with the "Heart 4 Tinman" complete with a outlet so you can plug it right into your chest! Let everyone know how black hearted you really are. It come in a bunch of different colors, course I liked the black on the best. 

My other item I'm showing you today is the lil fox on my head. Called "The Foxy Bot" and also in a number of colors, this thing is lots of fun. I have used it alot so far and I have yet to find something it can't answer me back to. It will even respond to the people around you, to drive your friends crazy!! It even has an option to be put to sleep so you can wear it but it won't interact with anyone. Read below for some random chatting I did with Foxy today after taking pictures. (BTW any black out in the chat log are due to people logging on or off, I didn't want to put peoples name out there)

Both of these item are @ the Frost Event and both are made by Geek!
Catch your taxi here

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned...

Here we are on opening day of the Frost Event and happy Friday the 13th!!!! I'm featuring a tattoo from Letis Tattoo called "Reaper Bike" and her exclusive for the Frost Event. For just $150L's this can be yours! The chest as seen above comes full with plenty of skulls and flames for your darker side.

Having full sleeves, mostly covering the bottom forearm. However the sleeves are topped off on the biceps with a great sugar skull! You can see above that this tattoo runs down both legs. One side shows a sexy female reaper, while the other side sports another sugar skull and stars.

Finally the calf's have some more ink to add to this already great tattoo. Finishing off with a full skeleton on one leg and a pin up on the other front side. Now I didn't take a picture of the backside of this tattoo as there isn't much to it. There is a small piece on the upper body and a devil on the back of the calf. 

Get over to the Frost Event and have a look around! 
Get you taxi here

There will be more to come from Frost! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Put On Your Shit Kickers...

So it's just a few days away from the Frost Event put on by Depraved Nation. Here is you first look at the items available there! First up we have some nice stompers from Happyface. They come in 11 different colors, and in both male and female versions.

Up next are the wings from R.i.s.k.e and come in 5 different colors. The picture above shows four colors including the two colors that are exclusives to the Frost Event. Solar the yellow pair and Ice the blue pair can only be bought at the Frost Event! The picture under will show you the Noir pair.

Lastly I want to let you know about the tattoo I'm wearing. Brought to GrungeInk and called Rythmia Tattoo, and its an exclusive for the Frost Event. There is a number of options for this tattoo, you can wear it full body, just the sleeves, or just the back! 

The Frost Event will open on 12/13 (Friday the 13th) catch your taxi down below!

What I'm Wearing...
Boots -:hf: "Stomp" @ Frost
Wings -"Eclipse" Wings @Frost
Tattoo Arms -GrungeInk - Rythmia-Sleeves- @ Frost
Tattoo Back - GrungeInk - Rythmia-BackOnly- @ Frost
Pants - Carnivale Jeans b/w @ Redrum

Friday, December 6, 2013

Drink While The Waters Clean...

Today I bring you a great sweater by one of our sponsors Sugar. This sweater is available in 13 different colors. The sweater comes in solid colors and strips, and they are great fit. I chose to go with the Baby blue, as its one of my favorite colors. The details in this sweat is truly amazing! Be sure to check them out in world or on MP. 

My other featured item today are my piercings from Twizted & Reckless. I didn't need to adjust these piercings at all, just opened the box and was able to wear them! I want to give a special thanks to the owner of Twizted & Reckless. I had blogged some dermals from a blogger pack from the Thrift Shop, after sending my link to Starkie Nostram he offered me anything I liked in his shop. So here they are great piercing, and a great owner. Thanks again Starkie Nostram!

Sweater - Crew Neck Sweater Plain Blue @ Sugar
Piercings - Mouth Ring & Spikes @ Twizted & Reckless

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

There's More To The Picture...

Today I'm bringing you a cabin from one of our sponsors @ Serendipity Designs. As seen above this cabin has a few options for the outside. Just plain outside, you can add snow, and also for the holiday have some deco! The snow covered roof will add 16 prims to your land, if you choose to add the holiday deco that will add another 106 prims. These are all part of the temp rezzer inside the house. They can be added or taken away with the click of a button! The cabin as a stand alone sits on a 35 x 28 footprint and runs a total of 276 prims.

There is a great fireplace that is the center piece of this cabin. Warm up next to the fire with your family and friends! The cabin has a total of 3 rooms however the main room is cut in half by the fire place so it could be used as two rooms. There is plenty of room for all of your needs. The furniture in the pictures is available from Serendipity Designs as well. Her mp is still in the process of being set up, so feel free to contact the designer directly to purchase any of the items in the pictures. Lastly this cabin come with locking doors, window tints all in the same button system making this so easy to use.

Serendipity Designs  has a number of houses up for sale, all of them have a rustic feel to them. Be sure to take a taxi over to check out the full sim here. The owner is Kyra Ishtari feel free to contact her with any questions.

Cabin - The Bramblewyke Cottage
Bedroom -  Bramblewyke Bed, Amish night stands, Cowboy up dresser
Living Room - The Sierra Set, Maine Moose Head, Mission Coffee Table, Boat Book Shelf, Vintage Radio, Duck Decoy, Carriage in the Dark Painting, Birds in Winter Painting