Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This is a robbery...

The BodyFy event opens up tomorrow and PMS is bring you some new tats! Three new tats were passed over to me today and all of them will be at the event tomorrow. The tattoo shown above is the Fuck This World tat. There is also another men's tattoo available as well as a woman's. 

check out the ad below for the other tat

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Never grow up

High impact is back and making new stuff again! He passed me this t-shirt and it instantly brought out my inner child! The first place I went was to the park to play, cause why not right? You can get your Flash shirt and others over at the main store. Check the link below

Picture was taken @ Whole Wheat

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Creepy Uber?

 Its been a long time since I last posted. I took a two week RL vacation with family. I had a great time and seen some amazing things! Blogging for me has not been what it used to be for me. I'm not sure where I will go with this page. I just may not be as active as I used to be. But who knows!

Anyways today I bring you something from PMS. The skeleton face tattoo just in time for Halloween! Get your costumes ready! There is two other version of the tattoo but this was the masculine for me. You can see the close up below.

You can pick up yours or some of PMS great other tattoos. Only available over @ BODYFY! this event is open now and will run till the 24th of this month

Photo taken at Whole Wheat

Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Pants: Legal Insanity- loose sweats 69 black
Sneakers: QE Leather Skaters ( HUD color change)
Skate Board: Diamante Road Rage (Hud color change)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hot Summer Day

Pose: IE Emotion 7 Mirror
Shorts: Blank Line Surf Pants
Tshirt: Blank Line Pocket Tee
Hair: Boss Style Sam Hair
Tattoo: Facade Revolution Sleeves


Hat: Kenvie Sports Cap
Pants: L&B Baja Denim Shorts
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo- Raru
Pose: Image Essentials Confidence Pose 8

Friday, July 15, 2016

Good Morning....

Today is the first preview of the Boy's of Summer. The tattoo I will do a close up review of this over the weekend. But I can tell you its amazing!. The pants are brought you by A&D and come with a HUD to change the color. In the fat pack there are 18 different colors! 

Here is the up close of the bullet necklace brought to you by !NFINITY. There is a number of different opens for the necklace all done through a HUD system. Show above is the blood version,

Finally last but not least the pose.IMAGE ESSENTIALS is bring you a whole number for pose pack for this event! I will have many more reviews of different poses in my up coming post! One thing that I love about the IE poses and that there is always a mirror pose. This helps so much when staging a image! Shown above is from the emotion pack pose 1

Pants: Costner by A&D 
Tattoo: Moth2 by Endless Pain Tattoo
Necklace: Bullet Necklace by !NFINITY
Pose: Emotion Pack Pose 1 by IMAGE ESSENTIALS
Hair: Kiyoshi Hair by Ayashi

All of these items are only @ Boy's Of Summer which will be open Saturday!!!

Picture taken @ Whole Wheat

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer will start this Saturday July 16th. This will be a full sim just for the boys of SL! I've already started receiving items form this event and its going to be a good one... I will have your first preview of the event tomorrow! Look forward to many more to come from this Depraved Nation event. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Saint Tropez Market

 Saint Tropez Market is coming! I will be having a preview of items as the event gets closer!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Try your luck!

It been a crazy week in RL for me with work. Today I bring you a new shirt by Hang'R! This is his exclusive over at Addicted to Black Event. The event will run till the 25th of this month then closes to get ready for the next round....

Shirt: Nirvana Shirt by Hang'R @ ATB

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Old School

I have one more post lined up for GeekTopia after this one. There has been so much amazing items from this event! The room above is all created by [CIRCA] and its called "Game NerdZ" There are so many options to set up a room like this and a number of colors for each item. The cushions and chair come with a number of different poses for both male and female. My favorite item has to be the old school NES controller table!!

Get yours @ GeekTopia today!
The event will end July 3rd. Which is today!!! Get over there

[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Floor Cushion - Red 
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Floor Cushion w/ Blkt - Hot Org
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Pod Chair -Rainbow Org/Ocean
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Hive Wall Shelf - Red/Yel/Purple
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Controller Table - Classic
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Leafy Planter - Aqua
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Merkaba Light Strand - Neon Aqua Long - Gift Item

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shoot for the stars

 I told you I would be back with a post from Mayh3M who are the makers of these hats. Starlight show above and Connect which is show below. When taking the pictures I made sure to keep them lite up. There are a number of different blink option or you may turn off the front all together. There are three other hats at the event, a crown, rainbows, and a music bar!

Today I'm also bring you another tattoo from Facade called Interstellar. This is also a full body tattoo!

All these items are over at GeekTopia

Hats: Mayh3M Starlight hat & Mayh3M Connect Hat
Tattoo: Facade Interstellar
Pose: {Rose & Thorn} A Risky Bid

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Addicted to black has now reopened for this months event. The full outfit is brought you by R2A and comes in regualar or Aesthetic sizes. There was no issues for the fit while wearing the SLink body. I very much enjoyed the hat with this outfit. Come with little devil horns!

Shirt, Pants, Boots & Hat: Event Outfit by R2A @ Addicted To Black
Tattoo: Ankou Faith Tattoo by CS Tattoo @ Addicted To Black

Pictures Taken @ Whole Wheat!

Nerd Ink

The first tattoo review from GeekTopia is brought to you by .Facade. This tattoo comes with many appliers and makes it so easy to apply and go. Below you can see the back of the tattoo.

Head over to GeekTopia and get yours!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Give me some PIE

GeekTopia is up and running. Today I"m showcasing a workstation with a few extras! Brought you buy Construct. I've add my little PetBot and a rubics cube. The cube look to me that is can be used for a table or bookcase. However to get it in the picture I've shrunk it down. The PetBot is a wearable that will follow you around. 

Workstation: CONSTRUCT - Geek Workspace Gacha 
Robot Dog: Aa - PetBot Dalmatian
Cube: [BDKX] -//- Infinity 01.
Hat: Mayh3M - Connect Hat (I'm going to do another post about these hats later this week)

All of these item are over @ GeekTopia

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Heat

It been a heck of a week for me.... and it just that start of the week. The other night I went to get on to take some pictures and found that my computer was now dead. Sadly I think my motherboard has fried out. So I went out last night and got another one. However it can't rain all the time, and today I found $10 buck on the ground! So maybe my luck is changing this week.....Time will tell.

Anyways another post form the SummerTime Fair today. This outfit is brought you by Rise and is their exclusive for the Fair. 

Get your taxi here
The event goes till July 3rd

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Geek @ Heart

The first of my post form this Geek Event! I will tell you I'm soooo Excited for this event. I'm a huge geek at heart, I've always have been and always will be! So up first the Tetris piece! Having spend hour and hours playing this game, even to this day I still play it on my phone. I was excited to see this piece! There is many poses in this z block and you can also change the color of it! 

Next up is the shirt shown in the picture. What geek doesn't know what code looks like? It like geek for I love you. I was given a fatpack with 6 colors. 

Both of these items are over at GeekTopia. Which opens today! The event will run June 19th - July 3rd so get over there. I will have more to come later. 

Tetris Piece: Lewd TetriSeat @ GeekTopia
Shirt: :::c*C*c:::Geek-TShirts @ GeekTopia
Jeans:  Cody Jeans @ NoName 
Glasses: Mad Nerd Glasses (black) (These are really old, the creators profile is blank now.)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lazy Days

Today is the first day of the Summer Time Fair. Its time break out your summer clothes and strip down to nothing! Mix your drinks and have a nice relaxing day at the beach or lake house.....

Hang'R bring you these colorful short called Tiki Bermudas (lime) The short will be available over at the Summer Time Fair. So head over for opening day as its only open a short time.

Get your Taxi Here

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sail Away With Me?

This maybe the last post for the Menswear Fashion Event, however I'm going to try to get one more in.  The event ends on the 19th, if I can I may try to get one more in before then. This really depends on RL but I will try. Today I'm showing you two items from the event! Ever For Men are the makers of the shirt and jacket, which comes in a few colors. Shown is the Nantucket version. 
White City is the designer of this Cabbie Cap. This hat comes with a HUD that give options of four different colors. Both of these items can be found at Menswear Fashion Week.

Shorts & Jacket: EFM Yacht Club Casual @ Menswear Fashion Week 
Hat: Cabbie Cap @ Menswear Fashion Week 

Pictures taken @ Whole Wheat

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Save Me

Back with another items from Menswear Fashion Week. These jeans come in three colors, blue green and grey. The grey shown above are closer to a black to me. Two sizes in the box a standard and TMP fit. 
Available over at the event, so head over there and help out a wonderful charity. The money goes to Relay for Life! 

Jeans: Axel Balaguer Fitted Jeans @ Menswear Fashion Week
Tattoo: LaManDa @ SuperBia
Mask: The Mercenary @ Aitui  (not sure if this is @ the main store it was at arcade earlier round)

Pictures taken @ Whole Wheat

Saturday, June 11, 2016

By the Lights

Menswear Fashion Week is now open! Today I bring you two items from F.A.T which you can pick up over at the event. Both the tank and pant are called Katsuo. I was given a fat pack which gave me 12 tank colors and 7 colors of pants.
Get over there and get your items! Your money will go towards Relay for Life, so help raise that money!!!
Get your taxi HERE 

Pants: F.A.T Katsuo Pants @ Menswear Fashion Week
Tank: F.A.T Katsuo Tank Top @ Menswear Fashion Week
Shoes: FLite-Long Beach Low Tops Grey @ Arcade
Pose: Trevor 01 @ Glamrus 
Tattoo: Thrash Tattoo @ Dappa

Friday, June 10, 2016

Menswear fashion week is starting!

This event start tomorrow at 12slt! Here is a LM for the event which you can't get into till then. They are starting off with a bang! Gabriel's fashion show will be the first event. See below for the list for the full week. 

FRI JUNE 10th 2015 -- SAT JUNE 18th 2016
12:00pm SLT – 1:00pm SLT -- Gabriel Fashion Show
1:00pm SLT - 3:00pm SLT  -- SL Live Radio Opening Party
5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- Olympus Underwear Fashion Show --  
                                            Featuring: Vitamen
                                                            Fallen Gods

12:00pm SLT – 1:00pm SLT -- Wicca's Wardrobe Fashion Show
5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- Paris Exclusives Show

12:00pm SLT – 1:00pm SLT -- ^^Swallow^^ Fashion Show
5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- MWFW 2016 Group Fashion Show-- 
                                              Featuring:  Diram
                                                              F.A.T Fabulous & Trendy
                                                              E-Clipse Designs
                                                              Vengeful Threads

5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- MWFW 2016 Group Fashion Show -- 
                                              Featuring:  United Colors
                                                               Vero Modero
                                                               RSC for Men
                                                               JFL Real Hats

12:00pm – 4:00pm SLT -- RFL Model Dunk Tank

5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- MWFW 2016 Group Fashion Show -- 
                                              Featuring:  Zanze Men
                                              PRISM for Men
                                              Ohio's Kilts
                                              69 Park Ave

5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- MWFW 2016 Group Fashion Show -- 
                                              Featuring:  Invictus
                                                              White City
                                                              Urban Wealth
12:00pm SLT – 1:00pm SLT -- Akeruka Fashion Show
1:00pm SLT  - 3:00pm SLT -- SL Live Radio Closing Party
5:00pm SLT – 6:00pm SLT    -- Behind the Runway Show 

10:00am SLT – 4:00pm SLT  -- RFL Live

Monday, June 6, 2016

She is Perfect

First off let me thank my amazing talented daughter for taking pictures with me today. We have a number of items today so lets get to it.... The beach chairs, and towels all come with multiple poses for adults and kid avie poses! The floaties have one pose included for those lazy days at the beach. They also have a HUD for color change. She is 

My shorts are from Hang'R and they are over at their main store. They come with many fits for most mesh bodies as well as the standard sizes. Adelyne is wearing a FiFi swim suit and its over at her main store!

Board Shorts: [H'R] XOX bermudas @ Hang'R 
Tattoo: Royal Flush @ PMS

Swim Suit: {Koalifications & RazzBerry Inc.} FiFi Swim Suit {Mint} @ Koalifications

Beach Items
Floaties : {Koalifications & RazzBerry Inc.} Tube w/ HUD @ Arcade June 2016 
Chairs: {Koalifications & RazzBerry Inc.} Beach Chair {Pink and Blue} @ Arcade June 2016 
Towels: {Koalifications & RazzBerry Inc.} Flamingo & {Koalifications & RazzBerry Inc.}Stripe Towel @ Arcade June 2016 

Stand Alone

Here I am with the first post about Men's Wear Fashion Week. This shirt is brought you by A&D and comes in many colors. You are able to customize both the over shirt and undershirt through a HUD. The shirt come in 12  colors with a bonus 6 colors in the fat pack. 

This item will be at the event on June 10th when the event starts.
I will have a taxi to the event once it starts

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

More To Come...

I was just recently added to be a blogger for Men's Wear Fashion Week! I'm very excited to be a part of this wonderful event. This event will start shortly and will raise funds for Relay for Life. Last years event raised 173K for this charity. This year they are hoping to raise even more! The event will run from June 10th -June 19th. Some of the designer for this event are Gabriel, Akeruka, Vitamen, United Colors, D I R A M for Men, ^^Swallow^^, and Zibska.

This event is brought you by Siren Productions & SCALA along with Designing SL, Dope Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, L'HOMME, MENStuff, ModeLS Magazine, SL Live Radio

If you would like to follow this event hope on their facebook!
I have already started receiving some of the blogger pack so I will have more this week for you to see. 

I want it all...

Today I bring you a tattoo from one of my sponsor Pimp My Sh!t (PMS) This tattoo called Heart Breaker is such a clean design. The line work to line everything up on the seams is amazing! There is many appliers that come with this tattoo. Any body that runs on the omega system can wear this tattoo, or it come with its own for TMP body. 

So this is my first post using a mesh body. I have finally join the dark side and bought one. I'm wearing the Slink body. If you haven't bought a mesh body I highly recommend it, there are a number to choose from. Make my life so much easier...

Tattoo: Heart Breaker@ PMS 
Body: Slink @ Slink Mainstore
Pose: Chris @ Swirl Poses 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Black Heart

Addicted to Black started today...I'm bringing you an outfit from Rise a male designer from the event. Their outfit shown above is called Goth Outfit! Made with plenty of belts, strap, and zippers. The jacket features stars down the side and around the collar. 
So head over to Addicted to Black, get your taxi here!

Jacket and Pants: Goth Outfit from Rise @ Addicted to Black 
Hair: Tothe @ *Soonsiki
Shoes: Klaus Shoes Black @ Deadwool
Pose: Lie To Me # 6 @ Elephant Poses

Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Time is coming...

I was accepted to do another event at the start of this week. I'm very excited to see what kinda of is sold at this summer event! I will have more info and items as the event gets closer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You can't sit with us...

I recently was accepted to blog for an event. Addicted to Black will open on the 25th, and is less then a few days away. I have your first preview of a shirt created by Hang'R! The available mesh fits included ADAM, Aesthetic, Signature, SLink and the standard SL avatar. I will have more on this event later on. Once again this event opens on the 25th and will run till the 19th of next month!  

Shirt: Hang'R @ Addicted to Black ( opens the 25th )
Pants: Color Denim @ Gabriel
Hat: Jone Hat @ Flow

Saturday, May 14, 2016


We love RP is under way. If you like to play dress up as I do then this event is for you! Many designers are always at this event. However I'm always drawn to Forge, they make amazing armor and other items. 

Up close you can see the details in both the helm and pauldron. 

Helm, pauldron, arm guard: The Thracian (Black) @ We <3 Rp The Forge Booth 5
Bracer: The Forge Ash/Steel This was a gatcha item I got long ago maybe at their mainstore?
Sword and Shield: Bastard Sword @ Primus Weapons 
Pose: IE Sexy 3m @ Image Essentials 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Swim with the Fishes...

Today I bring you more tattoos from PMS. I have become an official blogger for the store, and Sandstorm was nice enough to give me her blogger pack from Thrift Shop. First up we have her Koi Fish Sleeve, this tattoo comes in both black & white and colors. 

The pictures under show another tattoo sent to me. Night Owl Tattoo also comes in different shades, light med, and dark. Both tattoos come with omega appliers so they can be placed on anything that uses that system.

Both can be found @ Thrift Shop

Pants: Scars Leather pants (black) @ Men's Dept 
Pose 1: EP- Lie to me 5

Pose 2: Juxapose - Resolute 3