Thursday, July 28, 2016


Pants: Legal Insanity- loose sweats 69 black
Sneakers: QE Leather Skaters ( HUD color change)
Skate Board: Diamante Road Rage (Hud color change)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hot Summer Day

Pose: IE Emotion 7 Mirror
Shorts: Blank Line Surf Pants
Tshirt: Blank Line Pocket Tee
Hair: Boss Style Sam Hair
Tattoo: Facade Revolution Sleeves


Hat: Kenvie Sports Cap
Pants: L&B Baja Denim Shorts
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoo- Raru
Pose: Image Essentials Confidence Pose 8

Friday, July 15, 2016

Good Morning....

Today is the first preview of the Boy's of Summer. The tattoo I will do a close up review of this over the weekend. But I can tell you its amazing!. The pants are brought you by A&D and come with a HUD to change the color. In the fat pack there are 18 different colors! 

Here is the up close of the bullet necklace brought to you by !NFINITY. There is a number of different opens for the necklace all done through a HUD system. Show above is the blood version,

Finally last but not least the pose.IMAGE ESSENTIALS is bring you a whole number for pose pack for this event! I will have many more reviews of different poses in my up coming post! One thing that I love about the IE poses and that there is always a mirror pose. This helps so much when staging a image! Shown above is from the emotion pack pose 1

Pants: Costner by A&D 
Tattoo: Moth2 by Endless Pain Tattoo
Necklace: Bullet Necklace by !NFINITY
Pose: Emotion Pack Pose 1 by IMAGE ESSENTIALS
Hair: Kiyoshi Hair by Ayashi

All of these items are only @ Boy's Of Summer which will be open Saturday!!!

Picture taken @ Whole Wheat

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer will start this Saturday July 16th. This will be a full sim just for the boys of SL! I've already started receiving items form this event and its going to be a good one... I will have your first preview of the event tomorrow! Look forward to many more to come from this Depraved Nation event. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Saint Tropez Market

 Saint Tropez Market is coming! I will be having a preview of items as the event gets closer!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Try your luck!

It been a crazy week in RL for me with work. Today I bring you a new shirt by Hang'R! This is his exclusive over at Addicted to Black Event. The event will run till the 25th of this month then closes to get ready for the next round....

Shirt: Nirvana Shirt by Hang'R @ ATB

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Old School

I have one more post lined up for GeekTopia after this one. There has been so much amazing items from this event! The room above is all created by [CIRCA] and its called "Game NerdZ" There are so many options to set up a room like this and a number of colors for each item. The cushions and chair come with a number of different poses for both male and female. My favorite item has to be the old school NES controller table!!

Get yours @ GeekTopia today!
The event will end July 3rd. Which is today!!! Get over there

[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Floor Cushion - Red 
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Floor Cushion w/ Blkt - Hot Org
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Pod Chair -Rainbow Org/Ocean
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Hive Wall Shelf - Red/Yel/Purple
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Controller Table - Classic
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Leafy Planter - Aqua
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Merkaba Light Strand - Neon Aqua Long - Gift Item