Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ring Ding Ding

Today my post is about two items from Geek, and both are available @ Frost! Have you ever been told your heartless or have a black heart? Well now you can with the "Heart 4 Tinman" complete with a outlet so you can plug it right into your chest! Let everyone know how black hearted you really are. It come in a bunch of different colors, course I liked the black on the best. 

My other item I'm showing you today is the lil fox on my head. Called "The Foxy Bot" and also in a number of colors, this thing is lots of fun. I have used it alot so far and I have yet to find something it can't answer me back to. It will even respond to the people around you, to drive your friends crazy!! It even has an option to be put to sleep so you can wear it but it won't interact with anyone. Read below for some random chatting I did with Foxy today after taking pictures. (BTW any black out in the chat log are due to people logging on or off, I didn't want to put peoples name out there)

Both of these item are @ the Frost Event and both are made by Geek!
Catch your taxi here

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