Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Put On Your Shit Kickers...

So it's just a few days away from the Frost Event put on by Depraved Nation. Here is you first look at the items available there! First up we have some nice stompers from Happyface. They come in 11 different colors, and in both male and female versions.

Up next are the wings from R.i.s.k.e and come in 5 different colors. The picture above shows four colors including the two colors that are exclusives to the Frost Event. Solar the yellow pair and Ice the blue pair can only be bought at the Frost Event! The picture under will show you the Noir pair.

Lastly I want to let you know about the tattoo I'm wearing. Brought to GrungeInk and called Rythmia Tattoo, and its an exclusive for the Frost Event. There is a number of options for this tattoo, you can wear it full body, just the sleeves, or just the back! 

The Frost Event will open on 12/13 (Friday the 13th) catch your taxi down below!

What I'm Wearing...
Boots -:hf: "Stomp" @ Frost
Wings -"Eclipse" Wings @Frost
Tattoo Arms -GrungeInk - Rythmia-Sleeves- @ Frost
Tattoo Back - GrungeInk - Rythmia-BackOnly- @ Frost
Pants - Carnivale Jeans b/w @ Redrum

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