Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are You Ready For...

So my friend over at Twizted & Reckless has come out with some new piercings. The lips & nose chains as seen above, required a little adjusting. However was easy enough to do with the resize script and a simple edit of moving them down. I love them due to the chain reminding me of a mustache!

As well as coming out with new piercings Twizted has changed his shop up a bit. He has now partnered with his wife to offer woman's piercings too! Jokester piercing seen above was a very easy fit! Give anyone that full metal smile! I should insert some joker line here but I will save you all from that!

So if you haven't been over to Twizted & Reckless before then its time to get there. Or if been awhile then be sure to check out his new stuff there is allot! Also He offers a prize for the Jack or Jill hunt there so be sure to search for it, you can preview it from a post I did a couple days ago.

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