Sunday, June 19, 2016

Geek @ Heart

The first of my post form this Geek Event! I will tell you I'm soooo Excited for this event. I'm a huge geek at heart, I've always have been and always will be! So up first the Tetris piece! Having spend hour and hours playing this game, even to this day I still play it on my phone. I was excited to see this piece! There is many poses in this z block and you can also change the color of it! 

Next up is the shirt shown in the picture. What geek doesn't know what code looks like? It like geek for I love you. I was given a fatpack with 6 colors. 

Both of these items are over at GeekTopia. Which opens today! The event will run June 19th - July 3rd so get over there. I will have more to come later. 

Tetris Piece: Lewd TetriSeat @ GeekTopia
Shirt: :::c*C*c:::Geek-TShirts @ GeekTopia
Jeans:  Cody Jeans @ NoName 
Glasses: Mad Nerd Glasses (black) (These are really old, the creators profile is blank now.)

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