Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lobstah Boats...

Urban Street is featured today with this tattoo. You can pick this tattoo up over @ the 100 Block. They also have a few others up for sale over there! There is a number of appliers that come with the tattoo so fit all your mesh body parts! There is also three different tones you can wear light, medium and dark.

 Today I'm also featuring a couple of poses from the lovely Kay Weston owner of Image Essentials. Both of the poses shown above are from Image Essentials, they are from the "Relaxed" pack. It was nice because they also come with mirrors of the poses. I will have more from them later this week!

Taxi to 100 Block right HERE

I also like to thank Gio the owner of Lidzz for giving me this Sox hat. It was a huge part of how I staged these pictures. Head over there for many more hats from your favorite teams!

Pictures taken Beaumont Grove

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